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Jami Macarty is the author of three chapbooks of poetry: Instinctive Acts (Nomados Literary Publishers, 2018), Mind of Spring, which won the 2017 Vallum Chapbook Award (No.22, Vallum Chapbook Series, 2017), and Landscape of The Wait, a poetic response to her nephew William’s car accident and year-long coma (Finishing Line Press, 2017).  As a teacher at Simon Fraser University and an editor of the online poetry journal, The Maynard, she supports the poetic works of other writers and the art of oranges. Her own work has been honored by Banff Center, British Columbia Arts Council, several Pushcart Prize nominations, and the editors of such journals as Arc Poetry Magazine, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Fiddlehead, Interim, Levure littéraire, Otoliths, PRISM international, and Volt


For more info: https://jamimacarty.com/  



At seven seconds after ten, the women in the painting still look at me in the same confused way. The wrinkles on their faces deepen, as wind removes sand from a dune. The duffle bag home, packed and at rest on the cot. Sheep move across the desert and the shimmering now.


Now that I drink water, I feel better. I still don’t understand the book. Someone’s series of gnostic antiquities from winter and purple deer that don’t approach nature but have pressurized inventiveness and purposeful innovation. Hoax. For real. Alert from the Emergency Broadcast System.


The painting unites the objects and the background by opening up and covering over boundaries of the black out-lined objects and by using the same earth tones for the entire painting. Volumes in the still life are transformed to accommodate their multiple surfaces on a flat plane, allowing the viewer to see more of the form than would be possible from a single vantage point. Halos around droplets of paint. Three-D despair on a flat canvas. The square chosen for its neutrality. It is a common shape with the fewest possible connotations to distract viewers. Can be read as visual translations of thoughts and emotions, invites subjective interpretation.

Faizah Ahmad Rajput is a visual artist and poet living in Los Angeles, Ca. She is currently working on her first book of poetry at Otis College of Art and Design, where she is as an MFA candidate in writing.


The background drawing here is part of a larger body of work, a series of one-minute freehand sketches of Faizah's sleeping experiences next to her person. The drawings will accompany the dream poems, which are the resulting products of those nights.


She is on most social media platforms.

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